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Tenant/Landlord Guides

  • - As the home of the guide you are currently viewing, it provides comprehensive and up-to-date information regarding the New York City housing market and the rent-stabilization system. Includes the latest guidelines for stabilized apartments, housing-related reports and studies, fact sheets on tenant and landlord rights, and email Q&A.
  • - A helpful website for those needing assistance on legal issues related to renting, such as: leases and tenant agreements; tenant selection and housing discrimination; rent and security deposits; repairs and privacy issues; and landlord liability for tenant injuries.

Other Apartment Guides

  • Citysearch - This guide to N.Y.C. and other cities has an online yellow pages where you can search for apartment brokers, movers, etc.
  • - Provides listing of apartments for sale and rent, a guide to neighborhoods, a renter's guide with tips on finding apartments, a way for brokers to list apartments and more, primarily featuring more upscale opportunities.
  • - Provides listing of apartments for sale and rent in NYC and nationwide, plus information on financing, home improvement, decorating and moving.
  • Relocation Central - A useful site for those seeking to move to another city; has links to products and services in major cities across the country.


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DISCLAIMER: The New York City Rent Guidelines Board does not own or rent apartments. Furthermore, this Apartment Guide is not meant to be a complete listing of housing resources, nor are we endorsing the websites linked to this guide. Unless otherwise indicated, we are not responsible for any opinions or comments expressed here. If you have any questions, suggestions, please contact us at Always Open Go to: NYC-311 Home | Contact Us | Directory | Privacy Policy