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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Affordable Housing in NYC   I Need Help Paying My Rent
  Conversion & Demolition   How Long Does My Preferential Rent Stay In Effect?
  Co-ops & Condos   Does My Building Contain Rent Stabilized Units?
  Decontrol and Destabilization   Help Me Find A New Apartment
  Leases - General   When Can A Rent Stabilized Apartment Be Deregulated?
  Leases - Renewal & Vacancy   Am I Paying The Correct Rent?
  Miscellaneous - including Pets, Fees, Housing Court   How Do I Get Things Fixed In My Apartment?
  Owner/Landlord Questions   Can I Break My Lease?
  Primary Residence   Can I Sublet My Apartment?
  Quality of Life - including Bed Bugs/Mice/Insects, Heat/Hot Water, Noise, Apt/Bldg Safety   What Are The Rules Regarding Roommates?
  Rent Control   How Do I Get My Security Deposit Back?
  Rent Stabilization  
  Rents and Rent Increases - including Preferential Rents, Overcharges, MCI/IAI Increases   In addition: The NYS Homes and Community Renewal's Office of Rent Administration (DHCR) also offers useful information on their Web site, with special web pages for both owners and tenants, as well as their own FAQ page.
  Repairs & Maintenance - including Superintendents, Painting, Distressed/7A Bldgs   Also, has a Buildings and Property FAQ that may provide useful answers.
  Roommate Issues & Leases    
  Security Deposits    
  Succession Rights    
Tax Abatement & Exemption Programs - 421a and J-51 Housing    

If you have not found the answer to your question elsewhere on our site, please email the Rent Guidelines Board.

Web page updated 7/8/2014

Disclaimer: By providing answers to frequently asked questions, the staff of the Rent Guidelines Board attempts to clarify the often complex programs and regulations governing landlord tenant relations in NYC. However, the information provided herein does not represent official policies or opinions of the City of New York or the Rent Guidelines Board nor should this information be used to substitute for advice of legal counsel. Always Open Go to: Home | Contact Us | FAQs | Privacy Statement | Site Map