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TABLE 7 - Maximum Mean Monthly Losses from Vacancy Decontrol over the Next Two Years Due to Higher Rents of Vacated Apartments by Income Class

Annual Household Income Mean loss to new occupants of regulated units over the next two years Percentage of regulated apartments that will be vacated within two years Mean loss averaged over all occupants of regulated units
Up to $13,440 $84 28% $23
$13,441 - $30,000 $56 31% $17
$30,001 - $55,200 $48 32% $15
More than $55,200 $59 34% $20

NOTE. _ Calculations assume that vacated apartments are occupied by households with same income as previous residents and that vacancy decontrol has no effect on who lives where. They ignore unmeasured benefits of vacancy decontrol. Always Open Go to: NYC-311 Home | Contact Us | Directory | Privacy Policy